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Advances in DNA technology have facilitated presymptomatic testing for an inherited predisposition to a number of autosomal dominant cancer syndromes. While testing is generally undertaken with informed consent and within a counselling protocol, there is still much to be learned about the psychological impact of DNA testing in a predictive setting. In this(More)
The psychological well-being of forty-four breast cancer patients was assessed shortly before and after surgery, and at three and twelve months post-operatively. Regression analysis revealed type of treatment, control over treatment and concern for appearance as significant predictors of nature of subsequent mood state. Results are discussed with reference(More)
Seventy one long-term users of benzodiazepines were asked by their general practitioners in a letter or short interview to reduce their medication. Twenty two patients were successful in giving up or reducing their consumption to less than 100 tablets per annum. There were no clear predictors of success in terms of patient characteristics, duration of drug(More)
A novel fully implicit ÿnite volume method applied to the lid-driven cavity problem—Part I: High Reynolds number ow calculations SUMMARY A novel implicit cell-vertex ÿnite volume method is described for the solution of the Navier–Stokes equations at high Reynolds numbers. The key idea is the elimination of the pressure term from the momentum equation by(More)
Objective: To examine the relationship between Positive and Negative Perfectionism and Social Physique Anxiety (SPA) and the extent to which these two variables predict disturbed eating attitudes in male and female elite athletes. Design: Cross-sectional survey. Method: Athletes (n=316) completed measures of Positive and Negative Perfectionism, SPA,(More)
This intervention study evaluates a decision-making aid for parents considering childhood immunizations. Participants (women in 3rd trimester of pregnancy, n = 100) rated likelihood of immunizing their child, anxiety, and perceptions of risk of the diseases and immunizations. Individuals were allocated to intervention group (received a decision aid) or(More)
Research into sexuality following spinal cord injury (SCI) has tended to concentrate on male experiences and the physical capabilities for sexual intercourse. The sexuality of women following SCI has only recently been addressed and studies are limited to small numbers and the use of non-standardised measures. The present investigation utilised standard(More)
In an earlier paper, Moyers-Gonzalez et al. [J. Fluid. Mech. 617 (2008), 327-354] used kinetic theory to derive a non-homogeneous haemorheological model and applied this to simulate the properties of steady flow of blood in a tube. By adjusting the tube haematocrit to match that of the experimental fitted curve of Pries et al. [Circ. Res. 67 (1990),(More)