Robert G. Owens

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Little information is available about the effect of childhood atopic dermatitis (AD) on family function. The aim of this study was to identify the areas of family life most affected and their perceived importance. Intensive qualitative interviews with 34 families were conducted and 11 basic problem areas were identified. A detailed questionnaire was(More)
Gas chromatographic analyses of smoke condensate from commercial, unfiltered cigarettes spiked with penicillic acid (500 or 1,000 ppm), a reported carcinogenic substance from certain fungi, indicated approximately 3% of unchanged compound was transported in the smoke. Analysis of tobacco on which either Aspergillus ochraceus or Penicillium cyclopium was(More)
This paper is an extension of previous work [4], where a robust numerical method derived from the Brownian configuration field method [8] was introduced in order to simulate the flows of dilute polymeric solutions. In [4], we limited our study to solutions of dumbbells having infinite extensibility (Oldroyd-B model), whereas in this paper, we tackle the(More)
Drug therapy for incontinence and enuresis has met with varying degrees of success. Currently, there is no medication available that specifically targets the lower urinary tract without having untoward effects elsewhere in the body. Patients with urge incontinence are the most difficult group to treat. The agents most commonly used to treat urge(More)
In an earlier paper, Moyers-Gonzalez et al. [J. Fluid. Mech. 617 (2008), 327-354] used kinetic theory to derive a non-homogeneous haemorheological model and applied this to simulate the properties of steady flow of blood in a tube. By adjusting the tube haematocrit to match that of the experimental fitted curve of Pries et al. [Circ. Res. 67 (1990),(More)
In the present paper we use a new constitutive equation for whole human blood [R.G. Owens, A new microstructure-based constitutive model for human blood, J. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mech. (2006), to appear] to investigate the steady, oscillatory and pulsatile flow of blood in a straight, rigid walled tube at modest Womersley numbers. Comparisons are made with(More)