Robert G Kochan

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We investigated the role of glycogen synthase in supranormal resynthesis (supercompensation) of skeletal muscle glycogen after exhaustive exercise. Six healthy men exercised 60 min by cycling with one leg at 75% VO2max, recovered 3 days on a low-carbohydrate diet, exercised again, and recovered 4 days on high-carbohydrate diet. Glycogen and glycogen(More)
Glycogen levels and glycogen synthase activity were measured in red vastus lateralis muscle of male Sprague-Dawley rats killed at rest, immediately after swimming to exhaustion, or 4 h postexhaustion. Glycogen levels were very low immediately after the exercise but returned to preexercise levels after 4 h of recovery. Activation of glycogen synthase by(More)
Glycogen synthase in skeletal muscle of 3-day alloxan-diabetic rats was found to be in a less active state than in normal muscle. Both the activity ratio (activity without G6P divided by activity with 7.2 mM G6P at 4.4 mM UDPG, pH 7.8) and fractional velocity (activity with 0.25 mM G6P divided by activity with 10 mM G6P at 0.03 mM UDPG, pH 6.9) were(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the absorption, metabolism, and excretion of tivozanib, a new investigational drug for renal cell carcinoma and solid malignancies. METHODS Eight healthy male participants received a single 1.5-mg (˜160 μCi) dose of oral [(14) C]-tivozanib. Whole blood, serum, urine, and feces were evaluated up to 28 days postdose for(More)
To test the hypothesis that an intact nerve supply is essential to normal replenishment of muscle glycogen after exhaustive exercise, glycogen concentration in normal gastrocnemius muscles from guinea pigs exhausted 48 hr previously was compared to glycogen in contralateral muscles that had been denervated at the muscle or high in the thigh immediately(More)
Nonselective and beta 1-selective adrenergic antagonists were tested for their effects on enzymatic adaptation to exercise training in rats as follows: trained + placebo (TC); trained + propranolol (TP); trained + atenolol (TA); and corresponding sedentary groups, SC and SP. Trained rats ran 1 h/d at 26.8 m/min, 15% grade, 5 d/wk, 10 wk. Both(More)
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