Robert G. Hansen

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This paper explores the role of investment bankers and lock-up provisions in the market for new equity issues. In a sample of 1,948 IPOs, we find support for the notion that lock-ups serve as commitment mechanisms at the time of the IPO. Insiders of firms that are associated with greater informational asymmetries lockup their shares for a longer period of(More)
This paper reviews the applications of auction theory to corporate finance. It starts with a review of the main auction theory frameworks and the major results. It then goes on to discuss how auction theory can be applied, in the context of the market for corporate control, not only to “inform” a company’s board or regulators, but also to understand some of(More)
The economic and educational affluence of recent years has produced a heightened public awareness of the correlation between personal health and general well-being. Coincidently the development of the ideal concept of individual right to comprehensive professional health services is beginning t o put stress on systems for delivering health care. The(More)
The environmental problems of the United States and the European nations have generated a dynamic body of literature in legal and economic research. One of the most significant branches of this research has been the analysis of strict liability versus ex post negligence standards, and the sharing of damages under each regime, when the level of prospective(More)
The recent meta-analysis performed by Mansoor et al. comparing the effect of low-carbohydrate (LC) and low-fat (LF) diets on weight loss and CVD risk factors is a welcome addition to the field. A number of meta-analyses comparing LC diets with other dietary protocols used to manage cardiometabolic disease risk have been published recently. However, one(More)
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