Robert G. Feldman

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Dopamine is a neurotransmitter found in the retina. Delays in the visual evoked responses and abnormalities in contrast sensitivity occur in patients with Parkinson's disease. Improvement in the P100 has followed L-dopa therapy. Suspected abnormalities at the retinal level in Parkinson's disease are observed in reductions in photopic, scotopic, and(More)
Controversy persists about the etiology of Parkinson's disease (PD). Pesticides, herbicides, well-water consumption, head injury, and a family history of PD have been reported as risk factors for PD. The purpose of this study was to (1) investigate the impact of environmental factors on PD risk (2) estimate the chronology, frequency, and duration of those(More)
Progressive supranuclear palsy (Steele et al.) has a characteristic pattern of dementia: (1) forgetfulness, (2) slowing of thought processes, (3) emotional or personality changes (apathy or depression with occasional outbursts of irritability), and (4) impaired ability to manipulate acquired knowledge. In many neurological disease states associated with(More)
To identify the major outer surface proteins of Streptococcus agalactiae (group B streptococcus), a proteomic analysis was undertaken. An extract of the outer surface proteins was separated by two-dimensional electrophoresis. The visualized spots were identified through a combination of peptide sequencing and reverse genetic methodologies. Of the 30 major(More)
Alzheimer's disease is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality among the elderly. Several families have been described in which Alzheimer's disease is caused by an autosomal dominant gene defect. The chromosomal location of this defective gene has been discovered by using genetic linkage to DNA markers on chromosome 21. The localization on chromosome 21(More)
The attenuation and immunogenicity of two novel Salmonella vaccine strains, Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi (Ty2 Delta aroC Delta ssaV, designated ZH9) and S. enterica serovar Typhimurium (TML Delta aroC Delta ssaV, designated WT05), were evaluated after their oral administration to volunteers as single escalating doses of 10(7), 10(8), or 10(9) CFU. ZH9(More)
A case of acute necrotizing hemorrhagic encephalopathy which surviced one year following cerebral decompression was studied. This patient was found to have cell mediated hypersensitivity to an encephalitogenic myelin basic protein. The unusual clinical features suggested a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. The pathological findings revealed that the disease(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine patterns of familial aggregation and factors influencing onset age in a sample of siblings with PD. METHODS Sibling pairs (n = 203) with PD were collected as part of the GenePD study. Standardized family history, medical history, and risk factor data were collected and analyzed. RESULTS The mean age at onset was 61.4 years and did(More)
A genome-wide scan for idiopathic PD in a sample of 113 PD-affected sibling pairs is reported. Suggestive evidence for linkage was found for chromosomes 1 (214 cM, lod = 1.20), 9 (136 cM, lod = 1.30), 10 (88 cM, lod = 1.07), and 16 (114 cM, lod = 0.93). The chromosome 9 region overlaps the genes for dopamine beta-hydroxylase and torsion dystonia. Although(More)