Robert G. Deupree

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Extreme deformation of a stellar surface, such as that produced by rapid rotation, causes the surface temperature and gravity to vary significantly with latitude. Thus, the spectral energy distribution (SED) of a non-spherical star could differ significantly from the SED of a spherical star with the same average temperature and luminosity. Calculation of(More)
The gravitational potential for close binary systems is usually calculated assuming both stars to be point masses. Deupree and Karakas recently examined the internal structure of both members of a binary system under the assumption that the gravitational potential for each member is the gravitational potential produced by its own mass distribution and by a(More)
We present a method for calculating synthetic line profiles for rapidly rotating, non-spherical stars. This parallel code includes the effects of the Doppler shift produced by the surface rotation, and is capable of simultaneously calculating the observed line profile for several different degrees of inclination between the observer and the star’s(More)
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