Robert G. Crawford

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The relational model has received increasing attention during the past decade. Its advantages include simplicity, consistency , and a sound theoretical basis. In this article, the naturalness of viewing information retrieval relationally is demonstrated. The relational model is presented, and the relational organization of a bibliographical database is(More)
General Motors's (GM's) 1926 acquisition of Fisher Body has long served as a cornerstone of holdup arguments for vertical integration. This paper utilizes primary historical evidence to make three related claims. First, it shows that GM's initial investment in Fisher Body occurred primarily to gain access to the Fisher brothers' specialized human assets.(More)
Members of three unrelated families with the mild Becker type of muscular dystrophy were subjected to lymphocyte capping tests and measurements of serum creatine kinase activity. Both tests correctly identified all nine affected males, but only the capping test was abnormal in seven of eight obligate carriers. The number of capped cells in carriers and(More)
A mathematical model was developed that describes the effects of filter plugging on flow through 3 micron pore polycarbonate filters as a function of time, pressure, and cell concentration, both under stirring and nonstirring conditions. The mathematical constants for the model were derived from experimental data generated with a filtration apparatus, and(More)
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