Robert G. Capra

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Refinding information found on the web is a considerable problem for many users, especially when in mobile situations. In this paper, we explore how a voice-controlled service, accessible by telephone, could help to support mobile users' needs for refinding specific information previously found on the web. We outline challenges in creating such a service(More)
Mixed-initiative interaction is an important facet of many conversational interfaces, flexible planning architectures, intelligent tutoring systems, and interactive information retrieval systems. Software systems for mixed-initiative interaction must enable us to both operationalize the mixing of initiative (i.e., support the creation of practical dialogs)(More)
Voice Navigation of web spaces has become a reality in the last few years, partly due to the rapid adoption of VoiceXML and the increase in communication quality and computing power of cell-phones. This report discusses some of the approaches on how to convert the web content to a way that could be used from a voice-enabled phone. These approaches have(More)
Refinding electronic information is a common problem, yet it has received less study than the problem of how to find information for the first time. In this dissertation, I examine how people approach tasks to refind information they have seen on the Web and factors that may affect refinding. I conducted a controlled, laboratory study in which participants(More)
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