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This study examined how searchers interacted with a web-based, faceted library catalog when conducting exploratory searches. It applied eye tracking, stimulated recall interviews, and direct observation to investigate important aspects of gaze behavior in a faceted search interface: what components of the interface searchers looked at, for how long, and in(More)
In this paper we present the results of a study that investigates the relationships between search tasks, information architecture, and interaction style. Three kinds of search tasks (simple lookup, complex lookup and exploratory) were performed using three different user interfaces (standard web site, hierarchical text-based faceted interface, and dynamic(More)
This poster describes a procedure for designing exploratory tasks for use in laboratory evaluations of information seeking interfaces. This procedure is grounded in the literature on information seeking and information retrieval and has been refined by an evaluation of four tasks designed for a study of a faceted library catalog. The procedure is intended(More)
Aggregated search is the task of combining results from multiple independent search systems in a single Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Aggregated search coherence refers to the extent to which different sources on the SERP focus on similar senses of an ambiguous or underspecified query. In previous studies, we found that the query senses in a set of(More)
Aggregated search is the task of blending results from different search services, or <i>verticals</i>, into a set of web search results. Aggregated search coherence is the extent to which results from different sources focus on similar senses of an ambiguous or underspecified query. Prior work investigated the "spill-over" effect between a set of blended(More)
In this paper, we explore how privacy settings and privacy policy consumption (reading the privacy policy) affect the relationship between privacy attitudes and disclosure behaviors. We present results from a survey completed by 122 users of Facebook regarding their information disclosure practices and their attitudes about privacy. Based on our data, we(More)
We show that partial evaluation can be usefully viewed as a programming model for realizing mixed-initiative functionality in interactive applications. Mixed-initiative interaction between two participants is one where the parties can take turns at any time to change and steer the flow of interaction. We concentrate on the facet of mixed-initiative referred(More)
The problem of how people find information is studied extensively; however, the problem of how people organize, re-use, and re-find information that they have found is not as well understood. Recently, several projects have conducted in-situ studies to explore how people re-find and re-use information. Here, we present results and observations from a(More)