Robert G. Arnold

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Porous media column experiments were used to investigate Pseudomonas fluorescens strain P17 transport as a function of water content and the influences of the solid–liquid and gas–liquid interfaces. Retention of radiolabeled P17 in washed quartz sand was evaluated at 100, 84, and 46% water saturation. At the completion of each experiment, the porous medium(More)
BACKGROUND This commentary evolved from a workshop sponsored by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences titled "Superfund Contaminants: The Next Generation" held in Tucson, Arizona, in August 2009. All the authors were workshop participants. OBJECTIVES Our aim was to initiate a dynamic, adaptable process for identifying contaminants of(More)
The coastal zone of the Pacific Rim is home for about one-third of the world's population. Disproportionate growth of Far Eastern economies has produced a disproportionate share of related environmental difficulties. As the region searches for acceptable compromises between growth and environmental quality, its influence on global environmental health is(More)
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