Robert Fouquet

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—The paper analyzes and proposes some enhancements of Ring Oscillators based Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs). PUFs are used to extract a unique signature of an integrated circuit in order to authenticate a device and/or to generate a key. We show that designers of RO PUFs implemented in FPGAs need a precise control of placement and routing and an(More)
In data security systems, general purpose processors (GPPs) are often extended by a cryptographic accelerator. The article presents three ways of extending GPPs for symmetric key cryptography applications. Proposed extensions guarantee secure key storage and management even if the system is facing protocol, software and cache memory attacks. The system is(More)
—When used in cryptographic applications, general-purpose processors are often completed by a cryptographic accelerator – crypto-coprocessor. Secret keys are usually stored in the internal registers of the processor, and are vulnerable to attacks on protocols, software/firmware or cache memory. The paper presents three ways of extending soft general purpose(More)
The paper presents hardware SoPC platform for testing performance of various TRNGs embedded in Ac-tel FPGAs. The SoPC was implemented in the recent Ac-tel Fusion ARM enabled FPGA device. It consists of four main blocks-CoreMP7 (Actel's soft-core industry standard ARM7 processor) for managing the SoPC, SRAM and Flash memories embedded inside the FPGA for(More)
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