Robert Fitzgerald

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Test-retest reliability of the Test of Variables of Attention (T.O.V.A.) was investigated in two studies using two different time intervals: 90 min and 1 week (2 days). To investigate the 90-min reliability, 31 school-age children (M = 10 years, SD = 2.66) were administered the T.O.V.A. then read ministered the test 90 min afterward. Significant reliability(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to report the prevalence and characteristics of children with cerebral palsy (CP). METHOD Children with CP (n=451) were ascertained by the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network, a population-based, record-review surveillance system monitoring CP in four areas of the USA. Prevalence was calculated as(More)
Commutators originated over 100 years ago as a by-product of computing group characters of nonabelian groups. They are now an established and immensely useful tool in all of group theory. Commutators became objects of interest in their own right soon after their introduction. In particular, the phenomenon that the set of commutators does not necessarily(More)
In this paper we compute the nonabelian tensor square for the free 2-Engel group of rank n > 3. The nonabelian tensor square for this group is a direct product of a free abelian group and a nilpotent group of class 2 whose derived subgroup has exponent 3. We also compute the nonabelian tensor square for one of the group's finite homomorphic images, namely,(More)
A number of recent research efforts have been based on the hypothesis that encapsulation techniques, formal specification, and verification lead to significant improvements in program quality. As we gain experience with the language facilities produced by this research, we should attempt to validate that hypothesis. This paper poses this validation as the(More)
BACKGROUND Severity of illness is an important consideration in making the decision to transfuse as it is the sicker patient that often needs a red cell transfusion. Red blood cell (RBC) transfusions could potentially have direct effects and interact with presenting illness by contributing to pathologies such as multi-organ dysfunction and acute lung injury(More)