Robert Fish

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The goal of the Touring Machine project is to provide a reliable and extensible software platform that supports independently-developed distributed multimedia applications. The project includes an experimental testbed composed of a network of desktop video and audio devices controlled via user workstations. Touring Machine is more than a research testbed;(More)
8 Tackling the first question, we can certainly imagine asynchronous awareness information presented in the same workspace as the work object. A primitive example of this type of asynchronous awareness information is the use of " change bars " ; margin marks indicating text areas which have been changed. Change bars are examples of document-based(More)
for the significant amounts of time and energy they have devoted to the development of this system. information in its configuration database on a per-tag basis. These include: • Compressor Denotes the type of compression used on the tag in question (for example, LZW for text components , JPEG for images). • Icon The file to use for the icon image when a(More)
This paper argues for using ambiguity plane features within dynamic statistical models for classification problems. The relative contribution of the two model components are investigated in the context of acoustically monitoring cutter wear during milling of titanium, an application where it is known that standard static classification techniques work(More)
Uncertainty is an inherent feature of strategies to contain animal disease. In this paper, an interdisciplinary framework for representing strategies of containment, and analysing how uncertainties are embedded and propagated through them, is developed and illustrated. Analysis centres on persistent, periodic and emerging disease threats, with a particular(More)
We consider simulations constituted by numerous entities which evolve and interact dynamically. To be able to represent a significant problem as an ecosystem, the modeliza-tion must be distributed. We are in front of a problem where the processes must obtain resources in a dynamically changing environment and be designed to collaborate despite of a variety(More)
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