Robert F. Testin

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Cereal Chem. 70(4):426-429 Edible films were produced from wheat gluten-based film-forming solutions. One film was produced as a control. Other types came from subjecting control films to three different soaking treatments. Three additional films were also produced by modifying the control film-forming solution. For all films, selected physical properties(More)
Understanding the mode of transport of water vapor through the film is important for improving the moisture barrier properties of wheat gluten (WG) films. Effective permeability (Peff), solubility (Seff), and diffusion (Deff) coefficients of a hydrophilic cast WG film were determined at 25°C within the relative humidity (RH) range of 0–84% (with a 9–13% RH(More)
Grain protein-based films containing mixtures of glycerin and polyethylene glycol (PEG) as plasticizers were prepared and evaluated for water vapor permeability (WVP), tensile strength (TS), and elongation (E). Changes in mechanical properties during storage were also studied. The PEG produced opposite trends in E of wheat gluten and corn-zein films. The TS(More)
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