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An important goal in rehabilitation engineering is to develop technology that allows individuals with severe motor impairment to practice arm movement without continuous supervision from a rehabilitation therapist. This paper describes the development of such a system, called Therapy WREX or ("T-WREX"). The system consists of an orthosis that assists in arm(More)
BACKGROUND Chest radiographs are routine for patients presenting with blunt and penetrating chest trauma. The accuracy of physical examination in the diagnosis of hemopneumothorax in these patients is unclear. A prospective study was performed to define the utility of routine portable chest radiographs in 676 trauma patients. METHODS Over 19 months(More)
We examined the acute rewarding as well as the long-term psychomotor altering effects of nicotine in early adolescent and adult male Sprague-Dawley rats. Place conditioning was used to examine nicotine-induced reward after a single drug pairing. A single pairing of nicotine with the initially non-preferred side of the place conditioning apparatus produced a(More)
Male Long-Evans rats were administered nicotine bitartrate or sodium tartrate either during adolescence (p29-43) or adulthood (p80-94). Route of administration was via subcutaneously implanted osmotic pump (initial dose 2.0 mg/kg/day, free base). Five weeks following nicotine administration, brains were processed for Golgi-Cox staining. Medium spiny neurons(More)
Animal models of prenatal nicotine exposure clearly indicate that nicotine is a neuroteratogen. Some of the persisting effects of prenatal nicotine exposure include low birth weight, behavioral changes and deficits in cognitive function, although few studies have looked for neurobehavioral and neurochemical effects that might persist throughout the(More)
The objective of this study was to determine prospectively which risk factors require cardiac monitoring for blunt cardiac injury (BCI) following blunt chest trauma. All patients who sustained blunt chest trauma had an electrocardiogram (ECG) on admission to our urban level I trauma center. Those with ST segment changes, dysrhythmias, hemodynamic(More)
The influence of nutrient limitation on the quality of Scenedesmus acutus as food for Daphnia obtusa is examined. The nature and degree of nutrient limitation greatly influences the rate at which Daphnia converts Scenedesmus biomass into herbivore biomass. From high to low quality, Scenedesmus food is ranked moderately N limited, severely N limited, and(More)
Rats (N = 45) pretrained to lever press for milk reinforcement on a continuous reinforcement (CRF) schedule were injected with 100-110 micrograms/kg of the anticholinesterase soman (N = 24) or saline (N = 21) SC. Subjects exposed to soman experienced moderate to severe acute symptoms of anticholinesterase intoxication. After a 3 week recovery period, all(More)