Robert F Ritchie

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The release in 1993 of a new reference material for serum proteins, CRM 470/RPPHS 5 has given rise to a great improvement in the between-laboratory variability of serum protein measurements(More)
The two serum proteins of the complement cascade in the highest concentrations, C3 and C4, respond to various conditions in much the same manner as do other positive acute-phase proteins. A major(More)
Clinical interpretation of the acute-phase proteins--albumin, transferrin, and transthyretin--has been hampered by the lack of accurate and precise methods for quantifying the levels and a stable and(More)
Serum immunoglobulins are measured millions of times each year, yet clinical interpretations remain hampered by inadequate age- and gender-specific reference limits. In order to provide more reliable(More)
In this 11th article in a series, reference values of serum levels alpha(2)-macroglobulin alpha(2)M) are examined. The study is based on a cohort of 40,420 Caucasian individuals from northern New(More)