Robert F. Ramaley

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Inositol 2-dehydrogenase (EC activity appears during growth of Bacillus subtilis (strain 60015) in nutrient sporulation medium. Its synthesis is induced by myo-inositol and repressed by D-glucose. The enzyme has an apparent molecular weight of 155,000 to 160,000 as determined by sucrose density gradient centrifugation, and it is comprised of four(More)
The DNA sequence of the structural gene for glucose dehydrogenase (EC of Bacillus subtilis was determined and comprises 780 base pairs. The subunit molecular weight of glucose dehydrogenase as deduced from the nucleotide sequence is 28,196, which agrees well with the subunit molecular weight of 31,500 as determined from sodium dodecyl(More)
Here we present the genome of strain Exiguobacterium sp. AT1b, a thermophilic member of the genus Exiguobacterium whose representatives were isolated from various environments along a thermal and physicochemical gradient. This genome was sequenced to be a comparative resource for the study of thermal adaptation with a psychroactive representative of the(More)
Streptavidin is an extracellular tetrameric protein produced by Streptomyces avidinii. A series of hybrid gene fusions consisting of Bacillus signal peptide coding regions fused to the mature streptavidin sequence were constructed. B. subtilis strains harboring these plasmids accumulate a tetrameric streptavidin in the growth medium. The properties of the(More)
Late during sporulation, Bacillus subtilis produces glucose dehydrogenase (GlcDH; EC, which can react with D-glucose or 2-deoxy-D-glucose and can use nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADP) as a cofactor. This enzyme is found mainly in the forespore compartment and is present in spores; it is(More)
Bacillus subfilis nucleoside diphosphokinase was purified l,lOO-fold to apparent homogeneity (a single band upon disc gel electrophoresis). Gel filtration through Sephadex G-ZOO indicated an approximate molecular weight of 100,000. The corrected Michaelis constants for the various nucleoside triphosphate substrates ranged from 0.10 fll~ for GTP to 0.42 mM(More)