Robert F. Mudde

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Polychromatic x-ray beams traveling though material are prone to beam hardening, i.e., the high energy part of the incident spectrum gets over represented when traveling farther into the material. This study discusses the concept of a mean attenuation coefficient in a formal way. The total energy fluence is one-to-one related to the traveled distance in(More)
The trajectories, referred to as lifelines, of individual microorganisms in an industrial scale fermentor under substrate limiting conditions were studied using an Euler-Lagrange computational fluid dynamics approach. The metabolic response to substrate concentration variations along these lifelines provides deep insight in the dynamic environment inside a(More)
The fluctuating velocity field in an air–water bubble column (i.d. 15.2 cm) at a gas fraction of 25% is investigated using backscatter LDA. Since the interpretation of LDA signals in bubbly flows is not straight forward also experiments on a single bubble train are reported. It is discussed that in the latter case when using seeding the backscatter LDA(More)
We experimentally investigate the effect of particles on the dynamics of a gas bubble rising in a liquid-solid suspension while the particles are equally sized and neutrally buoyant. Using the Stokes number as a universal scale, we show that when a bubble rises through a suspension characterized by a low Stokes number (in our case, small particles), it will(More)
For the operation of high void fraction bubbly flows in bubble columns, insight in primary parameters such as bubble size, shape and velocity as well as gas volume fraction is essential. At high gas volume fractions the flow system becomes opaque, ruling out non-intrusive optical techniques. As an alternative optical fibre probes can be used, which have the(More)
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