Robert F. Levendosky

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Chromatin remodelers are essential for establishing and maintaining the placement of nucleosomes along genomic DNA. Yet how chromatin remodelers recognize and respond to distinct chromatin environments surrounding nucleosomes is poorly understood. Here, we use Lac repressor as a tool to probe how a DNA-bound factor influences action of the Chd1 remodeler.(More)
Despite their canonical two-fold symmetry, nucleosomes in biological contexts are often asymmetric: functionalized with post-translational modifications (PTMs), substituted with histone variants, and even lacking H2A/H2B dimers. Here we show that the Widom 601 nucleosome positioning sequence can produce hexasomes in a specific orientation on DNA, providing(More)
Chromatin remodelers catalyze dynamic packaging of the genome by carrying out nucleosome assembly/disassembly, histone exchange, and nucleosome repositioning. Remodeling results in evenly spaced nucleosomes, which requires probing both sides of the nucleosome, yet the way remodelers organize sliding activity to achieve this task is not understood. Here, we(More)
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