Robert F. Kenny

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We are witnessing a mad rush to pour educational content into games in an ad hoc manner in hopes that players are motivated to learn simply because the content is housed inside a game. A failure to base serious game design on well-established learning theories as proposed by well-respected educators like Robert Gagne and James Keller, increases the risk of(More)
Secondary Joint Appointments in the College of Education and Modeling and Simulation. These appointments allowed me to serve on college and program level and dissertation committees. I co-taught graduate courses in Educational Technology and Instructional Systems, as well as served on ten dissertation committees.
of this journal may be reproduced or used in any form or by any means without written permission from the publisher, except for noncommercial, educational use including classroom teaching purposes. Product or company names used in this journal are for identification purposes only. Inclusion of the names of the products or companies does not indicate a claim(More)
Research has shown that quality teacher-student interactions far outweigh all other considerations to produce positive learning outcomes. Although this may be inherently obvious , few teacher preparation programs dedicate much time to training teachers how to create positive interactive, constructivist learning environments. Much can be learned about how to(More)
Besides occupying chair's position, I currently teach graduate and undergraduate courses in Educational Technology. As chair I also act as program leader for the Educational Technology program. In this role I manage all scheduling, teaching assignments and program updates and reporting. In additional to supporting my service and research agenda, I taught(More)
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