Robert F. Gordon

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This paper examines how incumbents respond to the threat of entry of competitors, as distinguished from their response to competitors' actual entry. It uses a case study from the passenger airline industry—specifically, the evolution of Southwest Airlines' route network—to identify particular routes where the probability of future entry rises abruptly. When(More)
When working interactively on the computer, it is valuable to be able to undo a series of commands in order to return to a previous state. We identify contradictions and limitations in the basic concepts of undo. We examine the characteristics of undo, explain these limitations, and explore the requirements for more general recovery facilities.
The RESearch Queueing Package Modeling Environment (RESQME) is a system which provides an integrated, graphics-oriented, performance evaluation workstation environment for constructing, maintaining, revising and evaluating performance models of resource contention systems. In this paper we discuss examples illustrating its use and emphasize the iterative(More)
The RESearch Queueing Package Modeling Environment (RESQME) is an interactive, graphics-oriented workstation environment for iteratively constructing, running and analyzing models of resource contention systems. It is built on top of the RESearch Queueing Package (RESQ) which provides the functionality to evaluate extended queueing networks. In this paper(More)
Hierarchical performance modeling allows the modeler to create models either in a top-down process, where he or she creates a high-level model and progressively fills in the details replacing stubs with detailed submodels or in a bottom-up process, where he or she first builds a library of submodels (or uses an existing library of submodels) and then links(More)
The RESearch Queueing Package Modeling Environment, RESQME, is a graphical environment for creating and modifying queueing models and for evaluating and analyzing the results. An animation facility is a natural adjunct to the graphics-oriented capabilities of this system. In such an environment, animation provides a powerful tool for effectively visualizing(More)
  • Rosalinda Connelley, Ranelle Ingalls, Joe Mike Jones, Larry Peterson, Dale Sullivan, Amy Rupiper Taggart +11 others
  • 2015
1. The minutes from the meeting on 10-07-15 were approved. 2. Bio 150 exception language for handbook:  BIO 150 shall be granted approval for general education only when a student has previously taken the course as part of her/his major and then transferred to another major in which the course is not required. o RaNelle asked if the student should still(More)