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Cloud computing has emerged as a successful paradigm allowing individual users and well as companies to resort to external providers for storing/processing data or making them available to others. Together with the many benefits, cloud computing introduces however new security and privacy risks. A major issue is due to the fact that the data owner, storing(More)
The VisAlert visual correlation tool facilitates situational awareness in complex network environments by providing a holistic view of network security to help detect malicious activities. Information visualization techniques and methods in many applications have effectively increased operators' situational awareness, letting them more effectively detect,(More)
1. Introduction Traditional information security research focuses on defending systems against attack before they happen. More recently, security auditing has evolved to intrusion detection systems that are concerned with recognizing attacks and taking action to curb further damage at the time of the attack. Comparatively little research has focused on(More)
ntrusions and misuses of computer systems are becoming a major concern. Our nation's infrastructure is heavily network based in all industries. However, the nation's network infrastructure can't deal with attacks on a local or global scale, leaving network and computer security up to an organization's individual efforts. With the growing concern with regard(More)
The goal of our project is to create a set of next-generation cyber situational-awareness capabilities with applications to other domains in the long term. The objective is to improve the decision-making process to enable decision makers to choose better actions. To this end, we put extensive effort into making certain that we had feedback from network(More)
As computer and network intrusions become more and more of a concern, the need for better capabilities to assist in the detection and analysis of intrusions also increases. System administrators typically rely on log files to analyze usage and detect misuse. However, as a consequence of the amount of data collected by each machine, multiplied by the tens or(More)
Moving Target Defense techniques have been proposed to increase uncertainty and apparent complexity for attackers. When more than one Moving Target Defense techniques are effective to limit opportunities of an attack, it is required to compare these techniques and select the best defense choice. In this paper, we propose a three-layer model to evaluate and(More)
As computer networks and associated infrastructures become ever more important to the nation's commerce and communication, it is becoming exceedingly critical that these networks be managed effectively. Current techniques, which rely on manual or log based analysis, are too slow and ineffective to handle the explosive growth of network infrastructures. We(More)