Robert F. Erbacher

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— We present a novel paradigm for visual correlation of network alerts from disparate logs. This paradigm facilitates and promotes situational awareness in complex network environments. Our approach is based on the notion that, by definition, an alert must possess three attributes, namely: What, When, and Where. This fundamental premise, which we term w 3 ,(More)
The goal of our project is to create a set of next-generation cyber situational-awareness capabilities with applications to other domains in the long term. The objective is to improve the decision-making process to enable decision makers to choose better actions. To this end, we put extensive effort into making certain that we had feedback from network(More)
A key task in digital forensic analysis is the location of relevant information within the computer system. Identification of the relevancy of data is often dependent upon the identification of the type of data being examined. Typical file type identification is based upon file extension or magic keys. These typical techniques fail in many typical forensic(More)