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The article reports on an arteriovenous fistula between the a. vertebralis and the v. vertebralis with blood flowing off via the v. vertebralis, v. cervicalis profunda and v. brachiocephalica. The fistula occurred after application of a central venous catheter to the v. jugularis interna.
Vagotomy is often followed by changes in the shape and motoric function of the stomach which usually return to normal in the course of a few months. The morphological changes which are typical for the different surgical techniques are described on the basis of references and the authors' own findings. X-ray examination contributes towards distinguishing(More)
In 71 patients with rhinosurgical closed fronto-basal cerebrospinal fluid fistula the pre- and intra-operative findings are compared. Cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea in 80% and purulent meningitis in 44% were seen. In X-ray 52% fractures and 32% cloudiness of the paranasal sinuses were found, there were 21% false negative results. By nuclear medical(More)
In a follow-up study of 112 patients who had subtotal thyroidectomy because of Graves' disease and nodular goitre with hyperthyroidism, 81% were euthyroid, 10,7% developed hypothyroidism and 8% had persistent or recurrent hyperthyroidism. 12,5% of the euthyroid patients had goitre; 10 of these patients had cold thyroid nodules. The assessment of the dignity(More)
The value of biochemical methods, scintigraphy and sonography in the diagnosis of liver metastases was compared in 150 patients. Of the laboratory methods, gamma-GT proved the most suitable screening method. A negative scan was of considerable value in excluding liver metastases. Positive findings are not always definite and require confirmation.(More)
Posttraumatic osteolysis of bone is rare. Its etiology is unknown. A case of posttraumatic osteolysis of the distal clavicle end is reported. Differentialdiagnostical and ethiological relations are discussed. The literature of posttraumatic osteolysis especially of distal clavicle osteolysis is reported.