Robert F. Barreras

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There continue to be marked differences of opinion regarding how to manage duodenal ulcer disease. Recent developments in medical management which appear of major importance include the development of antagonists of H2-receptors of histamine, the prostaglandins, and transendoscopic instrumentation. Intractability of duodenal ulcer continues to be an(More)
The familial occurrence of essential tremor combined with (congenital) nystagmus, duodenal ulceration and a narcolepsy-like sleep disturbance caused by an autosomal dominant gene with high penetrance and fairly uniform expressivity is reported in a family of Swedish-Finnish ancestry. Twelve of 17 affected family members had essential tremor which began(More)
Patients with the Zollinger-Ellison syndrome have been managed by total gastrectomy and more recently, by the use of H2-receptor antagonists. An alternative approach has been to identify those who might be cured by excision of a pancreatic islet-cell tumor without removal of the stomach. The course of such a patient is reported. A 40-yr-old man with massive(More)