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The initial design of Apache Hadoop [1] was tightly focused on running massive, MapReduce jobs to process a web crawl. For increasingly diverse companies, Hadoop has become the <i>data and computational agor&#225;</i>---the de facto place where data and computational resources are shared and accessed. This broad adoption and ubiquitous usage has stretched(More)
We consider repeated games with side-payments: players have an endowment of wealth in each period in which transfers can be made. We show that if endowments are large enough and the common discount factor high enough, then a strongly renegotiation–proof equilibrium (SRP) in the sense of Farrell and Maskin exists. As the discount factor goes to 1, the set of(More)
Cryptococcus neoformans is an opportunistic fungal pathogen and a leading cause of fungal-infection-related fatalities, especially in immunocompromised hosts. Several virulence factors are known to play a major role in the pathogenesis of cryptococcal infections, including the enzyme phospholipase B1 (Plb1). Compared to other well-studied Cryptococcus(More)
The need for policy makers to understand science and for scientists to understand policy processes is widely recognised. However, the science-policy relationship is sometimes difficult and occasionally dysfunctional; it is also increasingly visible, because it must deal with contentious issues, or itself becomes a matter of public controversy, or both. We(More)
In this paper we describe a new approach to the problem of path planning with moving obstacles. Our approach is based on the maneuvering board method commonly used for nautical navigation. We have extended this method to handle cases where obstacles may maneuver at any time and where knowledge of the position and velocity of the obstacles may be uncertain.
BACKGROUND CC-family chemokine receptor 2 (CCR2) is implicated in the trafficking of blood-borne monocytes to sites of inflammation and is implicated in the pathogenesis of several inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and atherosclerosis. The major challenge in the development of small molecule chemokine receptor(More)
Copyright and Moral Rights for the articles on this site are retained by the individual authors and/or other copyright owners. For more information on Open Research Online's data policy on reuse of materials please consult the policies page. Abstract The need for policy makers to understand science and for scientists to understand policy processes is widely(More)