Robert Ernst

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Phalaenopsis or Doritaenopsis (Orchidaceae) flower stem sections cultivated in vitro on media containing 0.23–11.35 μM of N-phenyl-N′-1,2,3-thiadiazol-5-ylurea (thidiazuron, TDZ) developed generally multiple shoots with the higher levels producing also protocorm-like bodies (PLB). Shoot and root development were reduced while proliferation increased with(More)
Ever since Pauli' first recommended thiocyanates for the treatment of hypertension almost forty years ago, the therapeutic value of these drugs has been a subject of controversy. Interest apparently declined after Ayman's pronouncement,' in 1931, that thiocyanates lacked dinical usefulness because there appeared to be an insufficient margin of safety(More)
There is an increased interest in contact-less vital sign monitoring methods as they offer higher flexibility to the individual being observed. Recent industrial development enabled radar functionality to be packed in single-chip solutions, decreasing application complexity and speeding up designs. Within this paper, a vital sign radar has been developed(More)
Tandem-L is a highly innovative SAR satellite mission for the global observation of dynamic processes on the Earth's surface with hitherto unknown quality and resolution. Thanks to its novel imaging techniques and its unprecedented acquisition capacity, Tandem-L will deliver urgently needed information for the solution of pressing scientific questions in(More)
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