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An in vitro method has been developed to determine quantitatively the permeability of the perineurium to radiotracers at room temperature. The permeability to [14C]sucrose of the isolated perineurium of the sciatic nerve of the frog, Rana pipiens, was measured at rest length, when the perineurium was stretched and after the perineurium had been subjected to(More)
AIMS This study was undertaken to determine whether simultaneous administration of both alcohol and nicotine systemically would result in an additive dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens (NACC). Moreover, to also investigate whether nicotinic receptors may be mediating these effects of alcohol and nicotine, the effects of mecamylamine, a nicotinic(More)
There is strong evidence for genetic influences on personality traits. Interest in one such gene, the dopamine D4 receptor (DRD4) grew after an exon III polymorphism was associated with Novelty Seeking and related measures of Extraversion. However, the findings were not confirmed in later studies. Recently, a -521C/T single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP)(More)
A consecutive sample of 63 adventitiously blinded American military veterans in a interdisciplinary inpatient rehabilitation program participated in this study examining the relation of hope to self-reported functional ability level. Scores from a modified oral administration of the Hope Scale and the Millon Behavioral Health Inventory basic coping styles(More)
The AC impedance of the isolated perineurium of the frog sciatic nerve was examined at frequencies from 2 Hz to 100 kHz. A Nyquist plot of the imaginary and real components of the impedance demonstrated more than 1 capacitative element, and a DC resistance of 478 +/- 34 (SEM, n = 27) omega cm2. Transperineurial potential in the absence of externally applied(More)
BACKGROUND Beliefs, attitudes, and preferences about the risk and benefits of genetic testing are important determinants of willingness to undergo testing. AIMS The purpose of this study was to evaluate the perceived importance of genetic testing for alcohol dependence compared with other multifactorial diseases among African Americans. METHODS Surveys(More)
Ionic permeation was investigated across the perineurium of the frog sciatic nerve, under normal conditions and following treatment by hypertonic Ringer, ouabain or amiloride. A cylindrical segment of perineurium removed from the nerve and mounted in vitro on two cannulae was continuously perfused. Permeation rates of 22Na and 42K across the perineurium(More)
Although strong positive association between alcoholism and depression is a common epidemiological observance, the causal relationship and the neurobiological substrates of such observations are far from clear. We have reported that chronic daily exposure to a relatively high dose of alcohol in rats can induce or exacerbate an already existing(More)
Purpose: To characterize the relationships between human plasma irinotecan carboxylesterase-converting enzyme activity, caboxylesterase-mediated hydrolysis of p-nitrophenyl acetate (pNPA), and the butyrylcholinesterase-mediated hydrolysis of butyrylthiocholine in human plasma and to test the ability of these in vitro tests to predict the variability in(More)