Robert Elschner

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In this paper we present four-wave mixing (FWM) based parametric conversion experiments in p-i-n diode assisted silicon-on-insulator (SOI) nano-rib waveguides using continuous-wave (CW) light around 1550 nm wavelength. Using a reverse biased p-i-n waveguide diode we observe an increase of the wavelength conversion efficiency of more than 4.5 dB compared to(More)
In this contribution, we report on the experimental investigation of an ultra-dense wavelength-division multiplexing (UDWDM) upstream link with up to 700 × 2.488 Gb/s polarization-division multiplexing differential quadrature phase-shift keying parallel upstream user channels transmitted over 80 km of standard single-mode fiber. We discuss challenges of the(More)
We experimentally demonstrate the use of data-aided digital signal processing for format-flexible coherent reception of different 28-GBd PDM and 4D modulated signals in WDM transmission experiments over up to 7680 km SSMF by using the same resource-efficient digital signal processing algorithms for the equalization of all formats. Stable and regular(More)
We experimentally generate 28-GBd 6-ary polarization-shift keying quadrature phase-shift keying (6PolSK-QPSK) signals by utilizing a high-speed 4-channel digital-to-analog converter and an integrated dual-polarization I/Q modulator. In WDM transmission experiments over up to 4800 km standard single-mode fiber, we compare the performance of 126-Gb/s(More)
Future converged fixed-mobile networks need high-speed radio links in deployment scenarios where fibre is not available or too expensive. In this paper, we present a field-programmable gate array (FPGA)-based real-time transmission system using standard 10G Ethernet interfaces. The system comprises two parallel complex-valued data channels in each(More)
We will present techniques for all-optical wavelength conversion of phase-modulated signals using four-wave mixing and supercontinuum generation. Techniques for the improvement of the conversion efficiency will be studied. Mainly the suppression of Brillouin scattering and its impact on phase-distortions will be discussed. An assessment of its cascadability(More)
A sequential optical frequency-division multiplexing technique using cross-phase modulation in fibers with exactly frequency-controlled optical subcarrier signals is proposed and demonstrated. 12 channels of 10-Gb/s ASK/DPSK signals with 20-GHz exact channel spacing are successfully multiplexed all-optically at 12 stages with 1-km intervals.
The performance of a polarization-independent fiber-based optical parametric amplifier is experimentally investigated in terms of amplification and wavelength conversion for optical phase conjugation applications using 5×28-GBd PDM 16-QAM signals. Good conjugated signal quality up to 13-dB gain is obtained. Introduction The nonlinear Shannon limit(More)
We studied the amplitude and phase noise suppression properties of an all-optical regenerator for differential phase-shift keying data. A detailed analytical investigation is performed and compared with numerical simulations for different working points. The results show that both amplitude and phase can be regenerated. However, simultaneous amplitude and(More)