Robert Eisenberg

Justin J Finnerty1
Evgenij Barsoukov1
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Many of the available books on Agile methods and techniques discuss the topic of software debt, especially the importance of managing technical debt on Agile programs. This book turns that relationship around and puts the emphasis on the software debt aspects, while retaining a strong and continuous tie back to Agile methods. The introduction starts with a(More)
The simplified coarse grained models of selectivity of Nonner and co-workers predict ion selectivity for a variety of different ion channels. The model includes the charged atoms of the channel's charged residues and permeant ions. However its MC implementation does not take advantage of the increasingly large body of structural information available. Here,(More)
Impedance Spectroscopy resolves electrical properties into uncorrelated variables, as a function of frequency, with exquisite resolution. Separation is robust and most useful when the system is linear. Impedance spectroscopy combined with appropriate structural knowledge provides insight into pathways for current flow, with more success than other methods.(More)
Epratuzumab (anti-CD22) is a humanized monoclonal antibody that recognizes a pan-B-cell marker. It potentially downregulates B cell activity through negative signaling, as well as depleting B cells moderately. The uncontrolled series discussed by Dörner and colleagues in this issue of Arthritis Research & Therapy suggests that epratuzumab may be safe and(More)
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