Robert Easton

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Although the criterion standard for the treatment of prosthetic joint infections (PJIs) is 2-stage revision with interim placement of an antibiotic-loaded spacer, irrigation and debridement with polyethylene exchange offer advantages such as fewer surgeries, reduced potential for intraoperative complications, and lower direct costs. The purpose of this(More)
M. King J. W. Thatcher P. M. Bronstad R. Easton The case for ensuring that Web sites are usable by people with disabilities is strong in light of the World Wide Web’s ubiquity as an essential customer interface for most organizations, the considerable disposable income of people with disabilities, and a growing number of accessibility regulations being(More)
The Levitron is a magnetic spinning top which can levitate in the constant eld of a repelling base magnet. The present work develops an exact theory of the Levitron with six degrees of freedom. The stability of the symmetric relative equilibrium is calculated. The main result is a complete classiication of possible Levitrons that allow for an interval of(More)
Nowadays, ocean and atmosphere sciences face a deluge of data from space, in situ monitoring as well as numerical simulations. The availability of these different data sources offer new opportunities, still largely underexploited, to improve the understanding,modeling and reconstruction of geophysical dynamics. The classical way to reconstruct the(More)