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Uncovering Strengths of Children of Alcoholic Parents
Being a child of an alcoholic (COA) is neither a diagnosis nor a psychosocial death sentence. Neither alcoholic families nor COAs are monolithic. A variety of factors converge in developmental
Therapeutic Interventions for Foster Children: A Systematic Research Synthesis
Approximately 30% of children in foster care have severe emotional, behavioral, or developmental problems. A systematic research synthesis of empirical studies was conducted in an attempt to identify
Sudanese refugee youth in foster care: the "lost boys" in America.
There is a need for funding to support more intensive educational services, more cultural training and support for foster parents and school personnel, and flexibility to provide services in more culturally appropriate modalities.
Foster Children's Expressions of Ambiguous Loss
The theory of ambiguous loss is useful in understanding the experiences and challenges of the foster care system. Its indications are illustrated with foster children's perceptions and stories. These
Voices from the System: A Qualitative Study of Foster Children's Stories
This project qualitatively analyzed the stories that 23 preadolescent foster children told about their lives. An ecological framework in conjunction with the social constructionist understanding of
Preschoolers' social competence: Relations to family characteristics, teacher behaviors and classroom climate
This study investigated family and classroom characteristics associated with parents' and teachers' ratings of 183 preschool children's social competence. Results of multilevel modeling indicated
Critical Incidents in the Professional Lives of First Year MFT Students
First year MFT students engaged in a journaling project, selecting one event daily which captured something about being a student, including the process of therapy, consultation, and supervision,
The Integrative Family Therapy Supervisor: A Primer
Preface. The Basic Ingredients in the Supervisory Process: The Ground Rules of Supervision. Understanding the Historical Influences of the Field on the Past and Future of Supervision. Getting
Bridging Academic and Practitioner Interests on Interlocal Collaboration
Academic interest in local government collaboration is well documented. This article bridges that interest with practitioner preferences in a survey to a dozen experienced city and county managers in
Knowledge and Skills for Policy Making: Stories from Local Public Managers in Florida
Local public managers regularly participate in the legislative policy-making process and even play a leadership role in policy preparation and deliberation. This phenomenon challenges the dichotomy