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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the multicenter application of intraoperative lymphatic mapping, sentinel lymphadenectomy, and selective complete lymph node dissection (LM/SL/SCLND) for the management of(More)
Background:Achieving significant weight loss and glycemic control in diabetic patients remains a challenging task.Objective:This study compared the effects of a soy-based meal replacement (MR) plan(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether baseline self-assessment measures of health status and physiologic indices of disease severity in alveolitis-positive patients with systemic sclerosis (SSc) correlate(More)
The authors describe the rationale and methodology for the first prospective, multicenter, randomized clinical trial (RCT) of a task-oriented walking intervention for subjects during early(More)
BACKGROUND The Spinal Cord Injury Locomotor Trial (SCILT) compared 12 weeks of step training with body weight support on a treadmill (BWSTT) that included overground practice to a defined but more(More)