Robert E. Wiegand

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Testing is necessary for all types of systems, but becomes difficult when the tester cannot easily determine whether the system delivers the correct result or not. NASA's Data Access Toolkit allows NASA analysts to query a large database of telemetry data. Since the user is unfamiliar with the data and several data transformations can occur, it is(More)
We are in the process of evaluating the feasibility of using model-based testing (MBT) to test systems. In this paper we discuss the feasibility of testing the software bus of NASA's Goddard Mission Service Evolution Center (GMSEC) using MBT. GMSEC has a flexible architecture making testing a difficult task. The idea is to use one model to test GMSEC for(More)
Architectural styles impose constraints on both the topology and the interaction behavior of involved parties. In this paper, we propose an approach for analyzing implemented systems based on the publishersubscriber architectural style. From the style definition, we derive a set of reusable questions and show that some of them can be answered statically(More)
We present an empirical study in which model-based testing (MBT) was applied to the software bus of NASA’s Goddard Mission Service Evolution Center (GMSEC), a reusable software framework. The goal was to study the feasibility of using MBT on a real-world software system that was designed to be flexible. GMSEC has three levels of flexibility: 1) loose(More)
Testing becomes difficult when we cannot easily determine whether the system delivers the correct result or not. To address this issue, we have developed a framework for automated testing of NASA's DAT system using metamorphic testing principles combined with model based testing. Based on the results from using the framework to test DAT we have determined(More)
Model-based Testing (MBT), where a model of the system under test's (SUT) behavior is used to automatically generate executable test cases, is a promising and versatile testing technology. Nevertheless, adoption of MBT technologies in industry is slow and many testing tasks are performed via manually created executable test cases (i.e. test programs such as(More)
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