Robert E. Ployhart

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Melissa A. Schilling • Patricia Vidal • Robert E. Ployhart • Alexandre Marangoni Management and Organizational Behavior, New York University, 40 West 4th Street, New York, New York 10012 School of Management, Boston University, 595 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02215 Department of Psychology, MSN 3F5, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia(More)
This study examined the 5-factor model of personality, transformational leadership, and team performance under conditions similar to typical and maximum performance contexts. Data were collected from 39 combat teams from an Asian military sample (N = 276). Results found that neuroticism and agreeableness were negatively related to transformational(More)
Social media are a broad collection of digital platforms that have radically changed the way people interact and communicate. However, we argue that social media are not simply a technology but actually represent a context that differs in important ways from traditional (e.g., face-to-face) and other digital (e.g., email) ways of interacting and(More)
This study examined several unexplored issues in research on applicants' perceptions of fairness. First, the study explored possible differences between procedural violations that advantage individuals vs. those that are disadvantageous. Second, the study examined the complex relationship between process and outcome fairness across the stages of the(More)
This study evaluated the utility of generic teamwork skills training for enhancing the effectiveness of action teams. Results from 65 four-person action teams working on an interdependent command and control simulator revealed that generic teamwork skills training had a significant and positive impact on both cognitive and skill-based outcomes. Trained team(More)
Over 100 years of psychological research on employee selection has yielded many advances, but the field continues to tackle controversies and challenging problems, revisit once-settled topics, and expand its borders. This review discusses recent advances in designing, implementing, and evaluating selection systems. Key trends such as expanding the criterion(More)
This study integrates research from strategy, economics, and applied psychology to examine how organizations may leverage their human resources to enhance firm performance and competitive advantage. Staffing and training are key human resource management practices used to achieve firm performance through acquiring and developing human capital resources.(More)
This paper considers how information processing approaches to intelligencemay offer implications for the study of human capital resources within organizations. We first provide a brief overview of human capital research that summarizes its evolution and current areas of emphasis. This review notes that most of the research on human capital has ignored key(More)
Past research suggests that individuals oriented toward high-context communication are less likely than are others to voice (i.e., speak up) at work. In the current article, we rely on high-/low-context theory to explore potential boundary conditions of this relationship. We conducted 2 studies exploring the relationship between contextual communication(More)