Robert E Ortega

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Heel pain is a common and frequently disabling clinical complaint that may be caused by a broad spectrum of osseous or soft-tissue disorders. These disorders are classified on the basis of anatomic origin and predominant location of heel pain to foster a better understanding of this complaint. The disorders include plantar fascial lesions (fasciitis,(More)
OBJECTIVE We describe the sonographic imaging characteristics of ankle ganglia with pathologic correlation in 10 patients. CONCLUSION Foot and ankle ganglia exhibit a spectrum of sonographic appearances from round and completely anechoic masses to hypoechoic, multilobulated, multiseptated masses with dependent debris. All the ganglionic cysts examined in(More)
We retrospectively reviewed 16 children younger than 13 years with 17 fractures of the shafts of the radius or ulna or both who had undergone an open reduction-internal fixation (ORIF). ORIF was performed when a closed reduction was deemed unacceptable in 14 radius fractures and for three unstable open fractures of the radius. The average age was 9.4 +/-(More)
Increased variability is a characteristic clinical and physiologic feature of functional (psychogenic) tremor. In this study, we use computerized spiral analysis to show that the variability of a motor task is a quantifiable characteristic of functional tremor. We compare functional tremor patients to phenomenologically similar dystonic tremor patients and(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the repair techniques of continuous and interrupted methods for episiotomy or perineal tears. DESIGN A randomised controlled trial. SETTING The Hospital Universitario Principe de Asturias, a state hospital belonging to the community of Madrid. SAMPLE Four hundred forty-five women who had undergone vaginal deliveries with(More)
This animal model experiment is performed to evaluate how bipolar direct current of 20 microamp. affects osteogenesis once external fixation treatment is applied in different forms: stabilization, distraction, and compression. In all cases a secondary healing, typical of external fixation treatment, was found; but a more mineralized callus and an increase(More)
A randomised controlled trial conducted in Mumbai, India, compared invasive cervical cancer rates among women offered cervical screening with invasive cervical cancer rates among women offered no-screening. The US Office for Human Research Protections determined the Mumbai trial was unethical because informed consent was not obtained from trial(More)
Lipoma arborescens is a rare intraarticular lesion characterized by diffuse replacement of the subsynovial tissue by mature fat cells, producing villous transformation of the synovium. The etiology of this benign condition is unknown. The most typical site of involvement is the knee, most notably at the suprapatellar pouch, although other joints can be(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of verapamil administration on Human Fetuses in High Risk Pregnancies (FHRP) by Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (HMRS) after Lactate identification. Two HMRS studies were performed on a 1.5 Tesla system using the body RF coil: the first one was done between 30-31 weeks of gestation and the second(More)
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