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Neurons with properties similar to place cells are found in other parts of the hippocampal formation (see below), Department of Physiology but here the term " place cell " is reserved for the principal SUNY cells of CA3 and CA1. Health Sciences Center at Brooklyn Functionally, place cells are characterized by loca-Brooklyn, New York 11203 tion-specific(More)
To ask if the properties of spatial learning supported by the hippocampus are distinct from the properties of conditioning, we conducted a blocking-like experiment in which the measured variable was not a conditioned response but rather the ability of a novel visual stimulus to control the location of place cell firing fields after being briefly combined(More)
This study explored stress in relation to smoking and how non-smokers (never-smoked and ex-smokers) are 'resilient' to smoking in a population where there is a high prevalence of smoking (people diagnosed with depression). In-depth oral history interviews were conducted with 34 adult participants from metropolitan Adelaide, and who were medically diagnosed(More)
The notion of developing resilience is becoming increasingly important as a way of responding to the social determinants of poor health, particularly in disadvantaged groups. It is hypothesized that resilient individuals and communities are able to 'bounce back' from the adversities they face. This paper explores the processes involved in building(More)
Why people smoke despite the health risks is an important public health question. Equally important is why and how some people resist smoking in spite of circumstances that clearly place them at high risk of becoming smokers. This study used in-depth interviews to explore the narratives of 12 people diagnosed with mental illness, who had made conscious(More)
We report the improved thermal stability of carbon alloyed Cu0.6Te0.4 for resistive memory applications. Copper-tellurium-based memory cells show enhanced switching behavior, but the complex sequence of phase transformations upon annealing is disadvantageous for integration in a device. We show that addition of about 40 at % carbon to the Cu-telluride layer(More)
Reproductive behavior affects spatial population structure and our ability to manage for sustainability in marine and diadromous fishes. In this study, we used fishery independent capture-based sampling to evaluate where Common Snook occurred in Tampa Bay and if it changed with spawning season, and passive acoustic telemetry to assess fine scale behavior at(More)