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Forward Checking is a highly regarded search method used to solve Constraint Satisfaction Problems. This method performs a limited type of lookahead attempting to nd a failure earlier during a backtracking search. In this paper a new search method, Minimal Forward Checking, is introduced which under certain conditions performs the same amount of constraint(More)
Literature indexing tools provide researchers with a means to navigate through the network of scholarly scientific articles in a subject domain. We propose that more effective indexing tools may be designed using the links between articles provided by citations. With the explosion in the amount of scientific literature and with the advent of ar-tifacts(More)
The success of Answer Set Programming (ASP) has been greatly enhanced by the availability of highly efficient ASP-solvers [1, 5, 8, 10]. But, more complex applications with their significantly larger search spaces are requiring computationally more powerful search engines. Distributing parts of the search space among cooperating sequential solvers(More)
Supervised machine learning methods for classifying spam emails are long-established. Most of these methods use either header-based or content-based features. Spammers, however, can bypass these methods easily-especially the ones that deal with header features. In this paper, we report a novel spam classification method that uses features based on email(More)
In this paper, we describe an automatic storm tracking system to help with the forecasting of severe storms. The concepts fuzzy point, fuzzy vector, fuzzy length of a fuzzy vector, and fuzzy angle between two non-zero fuzzy vectors are rst examined. We use a region splitting algorithm with dynamic thresholding to determine storm masses in Doppler radar(More)
/S0aanes 1979/provides some counterexamples to the theory of natural language presuppositions that is presented in /Gazdar 1979/. /Soames 1982/ provides a theory which explains these eounterex-amples. /Mercer 1987/ rejects the solution found in/Soames 1982/ leaving these eounterexamples unexplained. By reappraising these in-sightful counterexamples, the(More)
An automated tracking algorithm for doppler radar storms is presented. Potential storms in Doppler radar images are hypothesized as regions of high water density (high intensity in the radar images) using a merge-and-split region growing algorithm. Potential storms are veriied by a relaxation labelling scheme that attempts to nds the best tracks based on(More)
Due to the rapidly increasing amount of biomedical literature , automatic processing of biomedical papers is extremely important. Named Entity Recognition (NER) in this type of writing has several difficulties. In this paper we present a system to find phenotype names in biomedical literature. The system is based on Metamap and makes use of the UMLS(More)