Robert E. Melchers

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16S rRNA gene profiling using a pipeline involving the Greengenes database revealed that bacterial populations in innermost (proximal to the steel surface) and outer regions of biofilms on carbon steel exposed 3 m below the surface at an offshore site in the Gulf of Guinea differed from one another and from seawater. There was a preponderance of(More)
Longer term exposure of mild steel in natural (biotic) waters progresses as a bimodal function of time, both for corrosion mass loss and for pit depth. Recent test results, however, found this also for immersion in clean fresh, almost pure and triply distilled waters. This shows chlorides or microbiological activity is not essential for the electrochemical(More)
A finite element model is proposed for simulating the short and long term strength of Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastics. The essence of the model is a division of the composite system into a binary system comprising “fibre elements” to represent the fibres, and “effective medium” elements to represent the matrix material, which account for other mechanical(More)