Robert E Ivy

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The EndoButton technique of distal biceps tendon repair provides strong biomechanical fixation. This strength of fixation may allow earlier postoperative range of motion (ROM). A retrospective review of 15 male patients undergoing single incision EndoButton repairs was used. Six subjects participated in conventional supervised postoperative rehabilitation(More)
This study was conducted to establish the extent to which different doses of pituitary porcine growth hormone (ppGH) increase pig growth performance. Pigs were treated daily for 11 wk with 0, 35 or 70 micrograms ppGH/kg BW. In addition, these effects were compared with those produced by treating pigs with 0, 35, 70 or 140 BW-1.d-1 of a(More)
We assessed the combined role of epinephrine and glucagon in regulating gluconeogenic precursor metabolism during insulin-induced hypoglycemia in the overnight-fasted, adrenalectomized, conscious dog. In paired studies (n = 5), insulin was infused intraportally at 5 for 3 h. Epinephrine was infused at a basal rate (B-EPI) or variable rate to(More)
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