Robert E. Hunger

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Approval of February 18, 2005 Minutes Following a motion by (Alspach) and a second (Hallgren), minutes from the February 18, 2005 meeting of the Council were approved. • Finished selecting finalists for the Phoenix awards. There were four masters students, three doctoral students and three faculty chosen. Bylaws Revisions • Group Chairs were asked to(More)
Mutations in the fibroblast growth factor-receptor gene 2 (FGFR2) gene have been implicated in numerous diseases, including nevus comedonicus (NC) and naevoid acne that have somatic missense mutations in FGFR2 in the affected tissue. A patient presented in our department with unusual, innumerable large comedones throughout his back reminiscient of NC, as(More)
Altered surface glycosylation on malignant cells may affect tumor immunity by direct interaction with glycan-binding proteins (lectins) on immune cells. Siglec-7 and-9 are MHC class I-independent inhibitory receptors on human NK cells that recognize sialic acid-containing carbohydrates (sialoglycans). We have found that Siglec-7 and-9 ligands are(More)
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