Robert E H van Cingel

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BACKGROUND Hip arthroscopies are often used in the treatment of intra-articular hip injuries. Patient-reported outcomes (PRO) are an important parameter in evaluating treatment. It is unclear which PRO questionnaires are specifically available for hip arthroscopy patients. The aim of this systematic review was to investigate which PRO questionnaires are(More)
BACKGROUND The popularity of running continues to increase, which means that the incidence of running-related injuries will probably also continue to increase. Little is known about risk factors for running injuries and whether they are sex-specific. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to review information about risk factors and sex-specific differences(More)
BACKGROUND Femoroacetabular impingement has been recognized as a common cause of hip pain and dysfunction, especially in athletes. Femoroacetabular impingement can now be better treated by hip arthroscopy but it is unclear what postoperative rehabilitation of hip arthroscopy should look like. Several rehabilitation protocols have been described, but none(More)
The present study investigated whether special haptic or visual feedback would facilitate the coordination of in-phase, cyclical feet movements of different amplitudes. Seventeen healthy participants sat with their feet on sliding panels that were moved externally over the same or different amplitudes. The participants were asked to generate simultaneous(More)
Numerous athletes with patellar tendinopathy (PT) use a patellar strap or sports tape during sports. This study's aim was to investigate the short-term effect of these orthoses on patellar tendon pain. Participants performed the single-leg decline squat, vertical jump test, and triple-hop test under four different conditions (patellar strap, sports tape,(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine reproducibility of a battery of clinical tests for evaluating lumbopelvic motor control (LMC). DESIGN Test-retest design. PARTICIPANTS Fifty healthy subjects. OUTCOME MEASURES Two raters independently examined performance on 12 clinical tests for evaluating LMC. All tests were scored on a seven-point scale, based on qualitative(More)
To investigate whether double-leg stance could reveal balance deficits in subjects with functional ankle instability (FAI) and whether such an assessment of static balance would be correlated with measures of dynamic instability, 16 individuals with FAI and 16 healthy controls participated in this study. Static postural control was tested using double-leg(More)
Elastic taping is widely used in sports medicine for correcting functional alignment and muscle recruitment. However, evidence regarding its influence on scapular dynamic positioning is scarce. This study aimed to investigate the effect of a specific kinesiotaping method on scapular kinematics in female elite handball players without shoulder complaints. 25(More)
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