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Isolated tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum var. Kc 146) fruit mitochondria could be stored successfully in the frozen state without a cryoprotective agent if the mitochondria were frozen quickly by immersion in liquid nitrogen and later thawed quickly at 30 C. Criteria of freezing damage were rate of respiration, adenosine diphosphate to oxygen ratio, and(More)
The stimiulationi of oxygen uptake in. plant mitochondria uncotlupled by 2,4-dinitroplhenol (DNP) depends on aLdeniine ntucleotide in the absence of hexokinase (EC Laties (9) observed this dependence with cauliflower bud miiitochondria oxidizing malate, while 'Wiskich anid Bonniier (13) reported a dotubling of the DNP-rate of oxygen tuptake bv(More)
Dimethyl sulfoxide prevented loss of respiratory control and decrease in efficiency of oxidative phosphorylation when plant mitochondria were stored in liquid nitrogen. Respiration was severely inhibited and was not stimulated by adenosine diphosphate when mitochondria were frozen in liquid nitrogen without dimethyl sulfoxide. Thus, isolated mitochondria(More)
The response of androgen-sensitive Noble (Nb) rat prostatic adenocarcinoma [2Pr-121D (1)] to varying doses (50 approximately 1,000 micrograms/kg body weight) of diethylstilbestrol (DES) was investigated and characterized with respect to cytosol and nuclear androgen binding profiles, histology and pattern of relapse. Inhibition of tumor growth was closely(More)
Mitochondria from tomato fruit (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) exhibited a respiratory control ratio of 2.5 and an ADP:O ratio of 1.3 for succinate oxidation for 24 hours after isolation. They also showed a delay in response to the first addition of ADP. The addition of ATP and ADP before succinate eliminated the delayed response as did chelation of(More)
The usage of the word interaction by physiologists has led to a consensus that gibberellin and abscisin interact in affecting plant responses. However, no such consensus is admissible if one uses the statisticians' definition which is more physiologically sound than that used by physiologists.
Cultured leukocytes of peripheral blood obtained from normal, healthy individuals and from patients with familial polyposis coli (FP) were exposed to 0 rads or 300 rads of 137Cs gamma radiation at G o to compare damage in these two groups. Only cells in the first mitotic division were considered. The average chromosomal damage in the FP patients was not(More)
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