Robert E. Buffington

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Picture naming is a widely used technique in psycholinguistic studies. Here, we describe new on-line resources that our project has compiled and made available to researchers on the world wide web at The website provides access to a wide range of picture stimuli and related norms in seven languages. Picture naming norms,(More)
In 3 healthy men who were studied on 54 occasions under normal, inhibited, and accentuated states of renal function, the rate of urinary nitrogen excretion was a linear function of creatinine clearance (r = 0.92). The data suggest that if urinary nitrogen excretion is used to estimate protein metabolism in man, then the rate of glomerular filtration during(More)
This is a welcome volume that brings a variety of approaches to understudied penitentiary and criminological institutions, theories, and practices These authors examine why penitentiaries fascinated state builders, who expended prodigious resources to construct these monuments of industrial discipline amid agro-export economies. For reformers, despite the(More)
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