Robert E Accordino

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INTRODUCTION Individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) commonly present for treatment of emotional and behavioral disturbances associated with ASD's "core" symptoms. Psychotropic medications are widely utilized in alleviating associated emotional and behavioral symptoms. AREAS COVERED Emotional and behavioral disturbances associated with ASD include(More)
Morgellons disease, a pattern of dermatologic symptoms very similar, if not identical, to those of delusions of parasitosis, was first described many centuries ago, but has recently been given much attention on the internet and in the mass media. The present authors present a history of Morgellons disease, in addition to which they discuss the potential(More)
The inclusion of the humanities in medical education may offer significant potential benefits to individual future physicians and to the medical community as a whole. Debate remains, however, about the definition and precise role of the humanities in medical education, whether at the premedical, medical school, or postgraduate level. Recent trends have(More)
Many patients with skin disorders have psychologic issues associated with their chief complaints. Dermatologists who wish to help their patients with psychodermatologic conditions can greatly enhance their therapeutic armamentarium by becoming familiar with the use of a few selected psychotropic agents. This paper will review the current status and future(More)
Melanonychia is a black, tan, or brown streak within the nail plate subsequent to activation of melanocytes in the nail matrix. We present a case of a Haitian girl who presented with transverse melanonychia involving all 10 fingernails in the setting of hyperthyroidism and acute liver injury. Melanonychia has been described only one time in the literature(More)
eviewing manuscripts is hard wor diligently served their Journal fro R k. We express our heartfelt appreciation to the 414 hard workers listed below, who so m July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016. We express our additional gratitude to our 7 colleagues (marked with an asterisk) who served as ad hoc action editors and helped ensure that all manuscripts, our(More)
Dermatologic comorbid symptoms and conditions in persons with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are compelling for several reasons, including problems with tactile sensory dysfunction in this population, a large number of syndromes with dermatologic findings and high rates of autism, nutritional and hormonal problems in ASD and their dermatologic(More)
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