Robert Duisberg

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Constraints describe relations that must be maintained, and provide a useful tool for such applications as interactive simulations, algorithm animation, and graphical user interface construction. We describe a major overhaul and extension to the constraint satisfaction mechanism in ThingLab, a constraint-oriented simulation laboratory written in the(More)
An anmation kit can be uwed to explain how a progEra works by creating graphical -e _ihaton. and move. corfeAlted wih the program' actons. Such afacUiky could play an Important role in progrm design, de1elpment and teding. Phe availability of today's powerA ful personal workstations with high-resolution bit-map displays and pointing devices makes possible(More)
Algorithm animation has a growing role in computer aided algorithm design, documentation and debugging, since interactive graphics is a richer channel than text for communication. Most animation is currently done laboriously by hand, and it often has the character of canned demonstrations with restricted user interaction. Animus is a system that allows easy(More)
It was studied in rabbits whether indomethacin, a prostaglandin-synthesis inhibitor, influences cerebral hyperaemia induced by inhalation of carbon dioxide (CO2-response). The aim of this experiment was to show whether prostaglandins are involved in the regulation of cerebral vascular tone. The animals were repeatedly ventilated with a CO2-room air mixture(More)