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We assessed working memory load during computer use with neural network pattern recognition applied to EEG spectral features. Eight participants performed high-, moderate-, and low-load working memory tasks. Frontal theta EEG activity increased and alpha activity decreased with increasing load. These changes probably reflect task difficulty-related(More)
Electroencephalographic (EEG) recordings were made while 16 participants performed versions of a personal-computer-based flight simulation task of low, moderate, or high difficulty. As task difficulty increased, frontal midline theta EEG activity increased and alpha band activity decreased. A participant-specific function that combined multiple EEG features(More)
An accurate CFD simulation depends on building an accurate thermal model. However, it can easily turn into an inaccurate model due to software pitfalls, misunderstanding component characteristics and incorrect physical product measurements. This paper focuses on providing guidelines in producing an accurate thermal model. These simulations as a result of(More)
Publicly-held companies in the U.S. are now being required by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to file their financial reports using the tagging standard of Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL). This interactive data requirement requires all U.S. traded firms to comply by 2011. Our case study examines two accelerated filers to gain insight(More)
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