Robert Dinoff

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This paper describes a novel approach for gathering profile information about mobile phone users. The focus is on information that can be used to enhance targeting of advertisements. (The ads might be delivered into the mobile phones, or to other devices such as the user's IPTV.) Unlike previous approaches, we use a two-tiered approach for learning end-user(More)
The convergence of the wireline telecom, wireless telecom, and internet networks and the services they provide offers tremendous opportunities in services personalization. We distinguish between two broad categories of personalization systems: recommendation systems, such as used in advertising, and life-style assisting systems, which attempt to customize(More)
A key dimension in personalization of converged (wireless and wireline, web) communication services is adapting each service to a user's context, and thus tailoring the services to the daily lives of individual users. The Intuitive Network Application (INA) framework being developed at Bell Labs uses both machine learning techniques as well as user feedback(More)
This paper presents some details on the Intuitive Network Applications (INA) project, which aims to monitor and analyze a user’s behavior in a semiautomated fashion and utilize the learned information to provide personalized services to the user. An aspect of this framework is how user input can be used to direct the learning process. We discuss some(More)
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