Robert Dieterich

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Serologic evidence of contagious ecthyma (CE) was found in domestic sheep (Ovis aries), domestic goats (Capra hircus), Dall sheep (Ovis dalli), and musk-ox (Ovibos moschatus) in Alaska. A moose (Alces alces) calf and a caribou (Rangifer tarandus) fawn were susceptible to experimental infection and both developed antibody titers as a result. CE virus was(More)
Data on reproduction and production were presented for laboratory colonies of Microtus pennsylvanicus tananaensis, M oeconomus macfarlani, M o operarius, M mirurus, M abbreviatus, Lemmus lemmus, L sibiricus trimucronatus, Dicrostonyx stevensoni, Clethrionomys rutilus, Peromyscus maniculatus borealis, P m bairdii, Baiomys taylori, Calomys ducilla, C(More)
A moose (Alces alces gigas) was inoculated with Brucella suis biovar 4 to better understand the effects of brucellosis in this species. Serum antibody titers increased rapidly and peaked within 21 to 56 days. Fever, leukocytosis, recumbency, anorexia and depression were observed starting 42 days post inoculation. Brucella suis biovar 4 was isolated from(More)
Two species of lemmings and two species of voles were fed a high fat, high cholesterol diet for several months. Clethrionomys rutilus had a moderate (2x) rise in serum cholesterol while Microtus oeconomus had a marked increase (5x); Dicrostonyx stevensoni and Dicrostonyx rubricatus had extreme increases (8x and 11x, respectively). Typical lesions of(More)