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  • Hal Abelson, Ken Ledeen, Harry, Required Addison-Wesley, Satinder Baveja, Singh +10 others
  • 2014
Discrete mathematics and its applications Kenneth H. Rosen. 0073383090 7th ed. Required McGraw-Hill 203 2 Abernethy,Jacob Discrete mathematics and its applications Kenneth H. Rosen. 0073383090 7th ed. Required McGraw-Hill 203 3 Abernethy,Jacob Discrete mathematics and its applications
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This thesis was completed under the advice and guidance from my adviser, Prof. have provided unique insight and great suggestions for my first paper. Without them, my road for research would be much harder and longer. Michael Hannigan, all from University of Colorado Boulder, are my collaborators for all the papers involved in this thesis.(More)
All Rights Reserved 2012 To my parents, Gail and Russell Greathouse. Without their support throughout my life, I would never have made it this far. ii Acknowledgments First and foremost, I must thank my advisor, Professor Todd Austin, for his help and guidance throughout my graduate career. I started graduate school with the broad desire to " research(More)
Huntington disease is an uncommon autosomal dominant neurodegenerative disorder caused by expanded polyglutamine repeats in the huntingtin protein. The proximate mechanisms responsible for neurodegeneration are unknown. Copper ions may play a role in Huntington disease by promoting oligomerization of expanded polyglutamine repeat protein fragments. Ammonium(More)
Battery technology is the key bottleneck in many cyber-physical systems (CPS). For green-energy CPS transportation applications, such as hybrid electrical vehicles (HEVs) and plug-in HEVs (PHEVs), the battery system design is mostly based on lithium-ion rechargeable electrochemical battery technology, which is bulky, expensive, unreliable, and is the(More)
Enable designers of embedded systems to automatically extract execution and communication graphs from software implementation for use in developing high-performance application-specific hardware. Given an application written in ANSI-C, automatically extract a graph in which nodes represent computation within a thread for a particular duration and edges(More)
Existing sensor network architectures are based on the assumption that data will be polled. Therefore, they are not adequate for long-term battery-powered use in applications that must sense or react to events that occur at unpredictable times. In response, and motivated by a structural autonomous crack monitoring (ACM) application from civil engineering(More)