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A major problem for a grid user is the discovery of currently available services. With large number of services, it is beneficial for a user to be able to discover the services that most closely match their requirements. This report shows how to extend some concepts of UDDI such that they are suitable for dynamic parameter based discovery of grid services.
Evolutionary origins of highly eusocial organization involving morphological castes have been very rare, yet these origins have often led to enormous diversification and ecological success. This suggests that once an apparently severe selective barrier to highly eusocial behaviour is overcome, major new adaptive landscapes open up. One would therefore(More)
In the past decade the massive growth of the Internet brought huge changes in the way humans live their daily life; however, the biggest concern with rapid growth of digital information is how to efficiently manage and filter unwanted data. In this paper, we propose a method for managing RSS feeds from various news websites. A Web service was developed to(More)
There has been considerable debate surrounding the evolution of eusociality, which has recently increased in vigor with regard to what actually constitutes eusociality. Surprisingly, there has been little discussion on terminologies for describing social systems that are more-or-less egalitarian, yet such societies form an obvious contrast to eusociality,(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe National Health Service (NHS) resource use and pharmacological management of atrial fibrillation (AF) in routine UK primary care. DESIGN Multicentre retrospective study. SETTING Seven primary care practices in England, one in Wales. PATIENTS Patients with AF were identified and approached for consent. Data were collected on the(More)
Although Australian students spend three or more years studying they can seem quite unaware of any of the expected learning outcomes of their course. They are often single unit focused, paying most attention to individual assessment items thus not developing a holistic view of their course. This paper presents a theoretical framework to support staff and(More)
As a common problem in data clustering applications, how to identify a suitable proximity measure between data instances is still an open problem. Especially when interval-valued data is becoming more and more popular, it is expected to have a suitable distance for intervals. Existing distance measures only consider the lower and upper bounds of intervals,(More)
Social media systems such as YouTube are gaining phenomenal popularity. As they face increasing pressure and difficulties monetising the large amount of user-generated content, there are intense interests in technologies capable of delivering revenue to the owners. In this paper, we propose to use data mining techniques to help companies increase their(More)